Division of General Affairs

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11 月 192010

Division of General Services

1.Managing conference rooms in administrative buildings.

2.Supervising janitors and related personnel affairs.

3.Dispatching vehicles for official use.

4.Rendering water, electricity, gas and telephone accounts and paying the bills.

5.Maintaining telecommunication and rendering telephone accounts.

6.Operating and examining public bidding for property and labor service.

7.Purchasing and inspecting related items.

8.Managing retirement pension and pay, payroll, reward and penalty for mechanics and janitors.

9.Administrating campus parking lot and parking pass.

10.Examine and restrain the vehicles entrance and exit.



Position Titles Name Duties Extension E-mail
Director Hui-Ching Tsao In charge of the business of the Division. 1110 email信箱
Member Chien-Ming Huang •Managing university shuttles. (officers’ buses)
•Hi-bikes management.
•Restaurant business.
1119 email信箱

Miao-Chih Hsu

•Deal with procurement for properties and labor procurement.
•Temporary assignment.
1113 email信箱
Member Lien-Han Wang •Deal with procurement for properties and labor procurement.
•Site rental management.
1118 email信箱
Member Xuan-Jun Liu •Deal with procurement for properties and labor procurement.

•Parking lot management.

1116 email信箱
Member Shih-Wei Chen •Maintenance of water and electricity.  1126 email信箱
Member Hsien-Chung Li •Maintenance of the telecommunication system and equipment. 1116 email信箱
Member Bing-Yi Zhou •Managing office vehicles.
•Official vehicle drivers.
1130 email信箱
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